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What's stopping you today from obtaining the accessories you need to prevent further lifelong hearing loss & tinnitus?

The same earplug design has been used for over 50 years! What’s preventing your change from outdated hearing technology to the best looking & functioning hearing protection devices?

The You Tune Hearing Protection Product line was certified at an Independent Psychoacoustic Laboratory and has 9 NRR, 2 SNR, 1 IPIL, FCC, CE, and Bluetooth® Certifications

"You Tune provides multi-mode functionality, flexibility, and commitment to accessible hearing conversation that will be hard to outmatch. I appreciated the secure fit of the earphones while running. This is a great product!"

Mike H.

"You Tune earphones are well-designed so they are not heavy like other earphones I owned previously. Plus, the wireless earbuds don't move at all when I am running!"

Edward A.

"I love my You Tune earphones! They fit perfectly in my ears and the sound rivals a different headset from a well-known brand that I also own. The earplugs are great, too!"

Rick S.

"Having earplugs that I can adjust so I can continue conversation without taking them out is just what I needed! Plus, with the ability to change from earplugs to earphones with amazing music quality is an all-in-one option I've never found anywhere else!"

Rachel S.

"I am very impressed with the You Tune wireless headsets. It's lasts a long time and the noise-cancelling earplugs are perfect for work!"

Josh W.

Hearing Loss is 100% Preventable

Our mission is to change the global opinion of hearing protection from an afterthought to an accessory because the amount of hearing loss from noise exposure is 100% preventable. Gone are the days of feeling embarrassed to wear (one dimensional obnoxious looking) earplugs, since we already delivered thousands of product packages throughout the US and to over 72 countries.

You Tune was awarded a contract by the Department of Defense to provide better functioning (and looking) Hearing Protection Devices to the Warfighter and Private Sector.

We manufacture our earplugs in the USA and send your packages from an Active military base.

We give you control to Tune the “Sound” in and Tune the “Noise” out because life will always sound better without hearing loss.