Extra Earplugs Add-On

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YT's Hypoallergenic Earplugs utilize unprecedented in-ear technology by allowing you to not only block ear-damaging sound, but to adjust sounds without removing the device from your ear. Along with a comfortable fit, you can also transition these earplugs into custom in-ear earphones with YT's interchangeable electronics.

  • Made in the USA & Manufactured on an Active MIlitary Base using food grade silicone materials
  • NRR Certified
  • You can manually reduce ear-damaging sound without removing the device from your ear.
  • Great for all hazardous noise industries/activities such as auto racing, sporting events, music events, hunting/shooting, construction, and indoor/outdoor home projects, as well as for aviation and military.
  • Set includes 1 LEFT and 1 RIGHT Earplug.